David Letterman Reclaims His Desk at ‘The Late Show’

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Better Late Than Never

David Letterman returned to the Ed Sullivan Theater on Monday night for the first time in eight years.

“My guest tonight certainly needs no introduction,” Stephen Colbert said before bringing Letterman out. The former “Late Show” host received extended cheers and enthusiastic chants of “Da-vid!” from the crowd.

“I will say this is the most enthusiastic audience I have been near since the night I announced I was quitting,” Letterman said.

Colbert asked Letterman if there was anything he missed, and the former host answered, “everything.”

They both recalled a meeting before Letterman handed over the reins to Colbert in 2015, and the former “Late Show” host shared his admiration for Colbert and his team’s tenure thus far, saying they made the job look easy.

“I will pass that on to the entire staff, but you and I both know it’s really the host,” Colbert joked.

At the end of the interview, Letterman asked if he could take a photo behind the old desk, and Colbert acquiesced before snapping a selfie of the two, who shared both a handshake and a hug by the end.

“By the way, in my day, I never would have let this happen,” Letterman said, assuming his former seat. “I’m sorry. Thank you.”

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