Is the Era of ‘Brozempic’ Upon Us?

A grinning golfer with a modest belly, admiring a drive. A silver fox in a suit jacket, enjoying a glass of wine as a beautiful woman gazes into his eyes. A bearded father, cooking for his children in a sun-dappled kitchen.

These are the models of well-being promoted by Fella Health, a start-up that prescribes buzzy weight-loss drugs to men.

With a pitch long on pop science and boldfaced statistics, and short on appeals to looks, Fella tries to answer the question: How do you sell GLP-1s — the revolutionary class of drugs like Ozempic that are frequently used for weight loss — to the people less likely to take them?

One tip: Don’t be afraid of a little bro talk. (“Tired of not hitting your weight goals, big guy?” Fella asks in one of its Instagram ads.)

“We’re not mommying you,” said Richie Cartwright, the founder of Fella. “We’re a mechanic. You’re bringing a car in that needs to get fixed.”

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