Did you know that at the wedding of the Prince of England William and Princess Kate Middleton, he distributed gold -embroidered Turkish towels to the guests? The fame of the Turkish towel is so common. Well, if you ask what is these towel features, let’s explain it immediately;

Turkish Cotton: Cotton produced in Turkey have features separated from other cotton. Accordingly, Turkish cotton consists of long and durable fibers. In addition, thanks to the fast -drying feature, it minimizes wetness and prevents the formation of bacteria. Thus, the towels produced with Turkish cotton offer a much healthier and more comfortable use.

Patterned Structure: Turkish patterns from past to present are undoubtedly known for their popularity. These traditional motifs, especially in the tiles used in baths, develop pattern craftsmanship in towels. For this reason, it is possible to say that the production of patterned towel production is still continuing and tourists attract the attention of tourists. In addition to all these, visit our site to contact the wholesale peshtemal and manufacturer Turkish towel.

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