La 1 En Directo

La 1 En Directo

You can now see your La 1 En directo option on your profile page in the Facebook app. Before you start broadcasting live on Facebook, you need to choose who will watch your broadcast, just as you choose when sharing a post. After specifying the audience that can watch your live broadcast, you can click continue. After granting microphone access, you can go live. When your live broadcast on Facebook is finished, you can choose to keep your live broadcast as a video on your profile or to be deleted.

Another social content platform that is broadcast live on the internet is undoubtedly Facebook. If you want, you can broadcast live tv from the web or via Facebook with your iOS or Android devices. If broadcasting live on Youtube is easy, we can say that broadcasting live on Facebook is child’s play. You click on the status update button from the Facebook application and click on the expand options button and use the Live Broadcast button.

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